Research Vessel "ATAIR" Uses Latest DSHIP System Generation


At the end of April, Germany's state-of-the-art research vessel, the "ATAIR", was put into commission. Not only is this vessel equipped with low-emission liquid gas propulsion, its equipment also suits to satisfy all needs maritime research. Up to 15 scientists can work on board, capture scientific data, carry out analyses in laboratories or undertake dive expeditions. Among the new ATAIR's important tasks are sea surveying, wreck search and the development and testing of technical ship equipment.

Also installed on board the vessel is the latest version of the DSHIP system by Werum Software & Systems. The measurement data management system collects research data, visualizes them and places them available for further analyses. DSHIP has been running on many research vessels all over the world for about 20 years. It is subject to continual adjustments and expansions to make sure it always meets the specific requirements of measurement data management in maritime research. DSHIP hence ensures reliable and safe processing of the valuable data.

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