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Integration of test processes into the corporate context

Examining and testing is of utmost importance for developers of new products or product components in order to ensure at an early stage that the desired properties accomplish the defined quality standards. In times of increasingly complex products, testing such products demands specialized knowledge and ample resources. At the same time, there are financial budgets and schedules to be kept within.

With the background of many years of experience and application expertise, we support our customers with mature Test Process Management systems. They are designed to shape workflows effectively and ensure integrity and safe distribution of the information.

Our systems coordinate and channel the flow of information between all parties involved across a company. They integrate various IT systems and link all relevant sources of information in one transparent and safe process. The pieces of information are promptly available throughout all phases from preparation and planning via execution through to administration and reprocessing to produce results and reports. Dependencies are reproducible at any time and results are always traceable.


By introducing the MDS* we have achieved
a cross-departmental standardization of our entire workflow.
More efficient work processes as well
as improved quality of data and results are a step into the future.

* MDS = Measurement Data System
Martin Hilgenfeld Martin Hilgenfeld Senior Manager Test Field, Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbH


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The information management system HyperTest® is an industry-agnostic solution platform to manage information and knowledge in the sphere of measurements.

Typical fields of applications are any phases of product creation with intensive testing requirements, especially component and system testing.

HyperTest Boost Standardized
IT Solution for Tests
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WTCS is a supervisory control system for test facilities, such as wind tunnels or other large-scale test facilities.

WTCS is an apt platform to modernize existing large-scale test facilities with various subsystems and measurement systems. But it just as well suits to implement open and versatile supervisory control systems for new wind tunnels.


DSHIP considers the special demands marine application areas make on test data management systems, in particular in marine research.

DSHIP is a highly scalable and flexible system to acquire, manage, visualize and store marine measurement data.


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minimized lifecycle cost


seamless process flow

increased efficiency


improved quality assurance

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