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We've got your IT solution for test process management and test bed

Embedded into product development, testing as part of validation is a separate business process where you are supposed to generate all your test data without any gaps or media breaks and in a traceable manner. Being geared to each other, our solutions support you in digitalizing your test process management efficiently and successfully from test definition to test execution and all the way to evaluation.

How you succeed in digitalizing your complex test process

Taking a holistic view of your test process, we are aware of how important gapless, undisrupted and traceable documentation of your data is. That is why you should integrate your test bed or the test bed automation system you employ into the higher-level test process management system.

We support you throughout your entire test process – from initial test requests all the way down to the result report – with well-matched applications.

The web-based standard IT solution for your efficient test management


HyperTest® Boost is the software solution that optimizes your test process for your test management – from test planning to data management to complete test process management.


  • For all phases of the test process
  • Easy to configure modules
  • Platform-based
  • Implementation of all workflows


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The universal solution to integrate your test beds into the test process


The HyperTest® TBA (Test Bed Adapter) makes sure your test bed is successfully integrated into your test management system.



  • Consistent, undisrupted and process-reliable management of your tests
  • Guaranteed traceability and reproducibility



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The modular, powerful supervisory control system for your test beds


With WTCS, our flexible test bed automation, you execute your tests efficiently and process-reliably on large-scale and component test beds.


  • Comprehensive platform for efficient test bed automation
  • Suits to modernize existing large-scale test beds like wind tunnels as well as to realize open and versatile supervisory control systems


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The test process and it's manifold challenges

Your test process starts with defining the requirements for your test. They are summarized in a test order to which you assign appropriate test methods and the required measurement and test equipment.

In the subsequent planning phase, you detail the test by linking the test resources with test methods and scheduling the execution.

Once completed, the actual test execution on the test bed can begin. While the test is running, your valuable test data should be collected automatically and the complete set should be stored in the related context in a data management system.

While your test result data are undergoing analyses, you additionally want to enrich your data to achieve valuable data products. For this purpose, the test's meta data are linked with your measurement results.

At the end of the test, you want to create a meaningful report. And you want its generation to be quick and straightforward so you can share the knowledge you have gained in the form of test reports.

Our IT Solutions for Tests at a Glance

Digitalization in Testing with HyperTest Boost

HyperTest TBA: the perfect test bed integration into the test process

WTCS: the powerful platform for test bed automation

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