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Future-proof your IT infrastructure with Werum

No IT solution can do without a solid IT infrastructure. It connects the components of a system and in turn integrates it into the higher-level system landscape. It is also an important factor in the modernization and scaling of systems on site or in the cloud, as well as in the consistent digitalization and automation of existing systems.

For our IT solutions, we therefore also offer the design and implementation of the necessary network infrastructure if required. This ranges from requirements planning to hardware consulting and procurement of server hardware and workstations to measurement technology for data acquisition systems. We also support you in connecting special components that communicate via standardized and specialized bus interfaces. If you have your own IT departments for these tasks or if you are already working with an external IT service provider, we will exchange information with these service providers. Together with your IT managers, we thus pave the way for the successful integration of our IT solutions into your existing IT infrastructure.

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We support you from the very beginning in setting up your IT infrastructure

Our IT solutions are usually hosted independently on-premise or in the cloud by the clients or their service providers. The selection and design of the appropriate systems for this takes place as early as possible. An important basis for our recommendations for the productive runtime environment are the non-functional requirements and the selected architecture of the respective system. If we set up a test system as part of the implementation or for maintenance and support, the experience gained with it is also included in the recommendations.

We help you to set up the infrastructure for the commissioning of the IT solutions and also in the subsequent operation with maintenance and support. If you wish, we can also take on the role of application owner for you and offer to take over operation. Even if you will not be using Werum software, we offer you support in setting up IT infrastructures, for example a highly scalable data analytics toolchain based on open source components.

Our services also include the procurement of the appropriate hardware - from network and special interface components, to servers and workstations, to workstation hardware.