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Geo data

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Geo data


Observing the earth, especially with regard to the development process the environment and the climate are undergoing, is of continually growing importance. Therefore, larger and larger amounts of geo-referenced data are collected from satellites, research vessels, measurement networks and many other systems. They produce vast data volumes, which need to be managed and reprocessed efficiently and must be made available to users.

Data centers collect and archive the original data as well as the resulting data products. For their scientific and commercial exploitation, automated processing to obtain higher-value data products (value adding) is of utmost significance just like easy-to-handle provision of the data including search functions and context information, e.g. on the internet.

In numerous projects, we have designed and implemented systems that suit to manage and control the processing of data from satellite-based or vessel-based earth observation missions. Powered by these many years of experience, we are standing by our customers' side.

geo data


The Werum EO Processing Service supports you in executing earth observation algorithms systematically, automatically and reliably in a cost-effective way.

What you get out of it

  • Operationalization of EO algorithms
  • Ready-to-use dissemination functions
  • Development support concept
  • Minimal deployment effort




Our Data and Information Management System DIMS-EO is a multimission-capable platform for the processing, archiving and distribution of earth observation products.

It has been developed in a close and successful cooperation between the German Remote Sensing Data Center, an institute of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and Werum.