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Professional project management leads your IT solution to success

Whether as consortium leader, consortium partner, in sole responsibility or as subcontractor: for Werum, the focus is always on successful cooperation with all parties involved in order to provide our customers with the best possible IT solution. Our organizational expertise in multilateral project management environments as well as in individual projects, together with our technical know-how, contributes significantly to the success of our projects and the satisfaction of our customers.

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Linear or agile methods: We find the right process model for every IT project

Depending on the task and the general conditions set, different process models have proven their worth for the development of our IT solutions. The methods we use range from the classic, rather static waterfall model to agile methods such as Scrum or Extreme Programming with even shorter iterations.

In IT projects for public administration in particular, a procedure based on the V-Modell XT (XT = eXtreme Tailoring) has taken up a great deal of space. As the successor to the V-model, it is also based on linear processing of the various development phases with corresponding testing and acceptance activities after each individual phase, but is adapted to the respective project at the start of the project.

The essential factors in the selection of the approach also include the required handling of the flexibility of requirements as well as possibly commercially mandatory separate project phases, time requirements and the extent of your cooperation and preliminary work. Especially in the area of platform-based solutions, there are therefore proven procedures, e.g., the provision of a proof-of-concept system followed by agile development. An agile project setup creates an ideal environment for a successful IT solution that is built step by step and can be designed flexibly.