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HyperTest Boost is a web-based software solution that covers the entire range from test planning to data management through to full test process management. Based on the HyperTest platform, the easy-to-configure modules make it possible to implement all the workflows needed for any phases of the test process.

Within the scope of digitalizing test processes and test accompanying activities, HyperTest Boost as a standardized IT solution helps saving resources and costs – while at the same time optimizing the entire test process.


The complexity of tests is steadily increasing and tests have become a success factor that grows more and more important in research and development. With HyperTest Boost, Werum Software & Systems has developed a software solution that effectively organizes the entire test process, makes it controllable – and is still flexible enough to be adjusted to the needs of the individual test preconditions.

HyperTest Boost can be integrated into a company’s existing IT infrastructure and into the context of existing applications. So HyperTest Boost applications form an integration layer between ERP, PLM, ALM or other corporate systems, and the systems and tools that are specific to test departments, such as Matlab, DIAdem, test bed automation, test field monitoring and others. HyperTest Boost takes care of seamless communication and absolute transparency of data flows, process information and relationships, thereby satisfying any demands of traceability and documentation duties.



HyperTest Boost provides a lightweight browser interface for all departments involved to process and manage the information from a test’s entire lifecycle. The browser interface provides users with all the functions they need to create views that optimally support their respective tasks and reduce the amount of information displayed to exactly what is relevant for the respective work step.

Test Planning

Perfectly prepared.

Capture, optimize and document test plans. Linked information enables intense optimization and swift modifications.

Test Processing

Cleverly executed.

Who did what and at what time? Display and edit test plans as checklists. Link test steps to data from test execution.

Data Management

Smartly automated.

Process and analyze hundreds of data formats from heterogeneous test fields in one harmonized visualization.

Test Process



HyperTest Boost consists of functional modules, which can also operate independently. Just the base module already covers the tasks of order management, test and result data management and provides comprehensive analysis and reporting functions. The modules Order Planning, Request Management and Resources & Storage Management complement the basic module with further valuable functions. Werum combines the modules that cover the customer’s topics, thereby offering a solution that perfectly matches the customer’s needs. Of course, Werum also supports the customer in the rollout and introduction phase. So HyperTest Boost can go live quickly.

HyperTest Boost Moduls


Combining the functional modules offers a variety of additional functions – for example the optimization of demand, cost and execution planning or resource utilization, the configuration and display of dashboards and KPIs or the acquisition and invoicing of times and costs. These functions provide additional support for the entire process that monitors and documents a test’s lifecycle. Pre-defined functions and interfaces allow for a fast rollout of the solution and, due to the high degree of configurability, users may adjust and enhance it themselves.


  • Unlimited number of users, workstations and test facilities
  • „Integration of analysis tools
  • Connection to AD/LDAP
  • Safe, documented data access
  • Role-specific views of information
  • Management of additional files and documents


  • Centralized, access-protected storage
  • Global search in any contents managed
  • Supports more than 1000 file formats
  • User-defined attributes
  • Configurable and interactive dashboards