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Increase the quality and efficiency of your entire test process with HyperTest Boost

HyperTest® Boost is a web-based software solution that reliably covers your entire test process. With HyperTest Boost you have easy-to-configure modules to realize and optimize the entire workflows of all phases in your test process and, thereby, save precious resources and costs.

Test Planning: Acquire, optimize and document your test plans reliably.

Owing to cross-linked information you perform high-level optimizations and precise modifications.

Test Processing: Keep track of all activities in your test process at all times.

Edit your test plans as checklists and link test steps to data from execution.

Data Management: Process and analyze your data accurately and efficiently.

You get automatically harmonized displays of hundreds of file formats from heterogeneous test fields.

Does your test process already satisfy your requirements?

The requirements imposed on your tests are growing rapidly as digitalization and globalization are making progress.

That increases the complexity of your tests. At the same time, high-quality, efficient and safe test processes have long since become a key success factor for modern companies. If you are reading this, it is most probably because you are looking for a dependable solution to increase the quality and efficiency of your test process for the long run.

In this case, you feel the same as many of our customers because this is what you want:

  • Avoid non-compliance with regulation requirements: you are aware that poor management of test cases and results may result in your company's being unable to adhere to required standards and directive. The result can be a loss of quality.

  • No wasting of resources and costs: it is no news to you that it takes an enormous amount of valuable resources if you manage your test processes manually. As errors occur more frequently with manual management, they are very likely to cause additional cost if not detected and corrected at an early stage.

  • Prevent delays in product approval: test processes of insufficient quality may have the effect that products are not released in time. That, in turn, may delay the market launch and cause losses in turnover and market shares.

With HyperTest Boost you can avoid all this for sure and sustainably improve the quality and efficiency of your entire test process.

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Our solution for your test process management

HyperTest Boost: The Standard Solution for Undisrupted Test Process Digitization

Digital Test Order Management
with HyperTest Boost

Digital Documentation of Test Execution
with HyperTest Boost

That is why enterprises rely on HyperTest Boost by Werum to improve the efficiency and quality of all their test processes

The ultimate goal in designing HyperTest Boost was to increase the quality and efficiency of your test processes. Especially customers with various global sites appreciate the following features as being of enormous value:

  • Management and documentation of test cases and results: with HyperTest Boost your test cases are subject to centralized management and you can automatically create documents. So you securely meet your compliance requirements.

  • Automation of test processes: HyperTest Boost automates your test processes, so you save time and resources while improving the quality of your tests at the same time.

  • Increased flexibility and scalability: with HyperTest Boost you can make your test processes more flexible and scalable so you can promptly respond to requirements imposed by customers and regulations.

How you comfortably digitalize your test process with HyperTest Boost and adjust it exactly to your needs

With Werum's HyperTest Boost you retain control of the organization of your entire test process. At the same time, you are flexible in adjusting HyperTest Boost to the demands of your individual test conditions.

Test Process


You can smoothly integrate HyperTest Boost into your existing IT infrastructure and the context of pre-existing applications. This way, you can establish an integration layer between ERP, PLM, ALM, your other corporate systems, the tools and systems that are specific to test departments, such as MATLAB or DIAdem, as well as test bed automation or test field monitoring systems.

HyperTest Boost facilitates unbroken communication and absolute transparency of data flows, process information and contexts. Hence, you can meet any requirements for traceability and documentation duties.

Browser-based and easy to operate to make sure your test process really runs efficiently

With HyperTest Boost you are able to edit and manage information from the entire lifecycle of your tests across all departments in one interface that is easy to use.

All your users are provided with the entire range of functions for them to create their own views to support their jobs and to reduce the display of information to the amount that is relevant to the current work step.

Your benefits from our low-code/no-code approach at HyperTest Boost

Optimized validation with HyperTest Boost: The flexible solution for your business requirements

The validation process in companies often faces challenges due to changing requirements and the diversity of the needs of the specialist departments. This diversity requires a software solution that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of different departments.

HyperTest Boost offers exactly that: a low-code/no-code solution that is based on a stable core model and optimized for the central requirements in the validation process. Our platform enables you to adapt and expand the application to your validation processes without complex programming.


With HyperTest Boost, you can easily configure key aspects of your application to adapt it to your specific requirements

Use the configuration options of HyperTest Boost:

  • Expansion of data models, views and dialogs with additional features
  • Personalizable views
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Automation of processes and integration of additional business rules
  • Use of your own evaluations and report
  • Customizable roles and rights system


And the best for you: We never stand still

We are constantly working to expand and improve HyperTest Boost for you and always keep the low-code/no-code approach in focus. This allows you to adapt your application now and in the future without complex programming so that it fits perfectly with your processes and procedures.

Discover how HyperTest Boost helps you make your validation processes more efficient and flexible.

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Combinable modules for upscale and precise test management

HyperTest Boost consists of functional modules that can run independently of each other. Just the basic module already covers the most important tasks appearing in your test process:

  • Order management
  • Test and result data management
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting functions

The modules for order planning, request management and resource management complement the basic module by adding further valuable functionality.

Werum combines these modules for you to map your topics precisely, thereby offering a solution that perfectly fits your needs. The combination of module functions provides you with many additional functions you can use to monitor and document the entire lifecycle of your tests even more thoroughly and efficiently – for example:

  • Optimization of your demand, cost and execution planning
  • Resource utilization
  • Configuration and display of dashboards and KPIs
  • Acquisition and invoicing of runtimes and costs

Pre-defined functions and interfaces make sure the solution can be rolled out quickly. Due to the versatile configuration options, you can step by step adjust HyperTest Boost to your needs and extend it yourself. Of course, we also support you in the rollout and introductory phase so you can employ HyperTest Boost as soon as possible to improve the quality and efficiency of your entire test process.

Additional features for more efficiency and quality, but low error risk for your test process

  • Unlimited number of users, workstations and test facilities
  • Integration of analysis tools
  • Connection to AD/LDAP
  • Protected and documented data access
  • Role-specific views of information
  • Management of complementary files and documents
  • Centralized and access-protected storage
  • Global search across the entire contents managed
  • Support of more than 1000 file formats
  • Multi-lingual user interfaces
  • User-defined attributes
  • Configurable and interactive dashboards

You want to consistently increase the quality and efficiency of your entire test process and save valuable resources?

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