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Our technology stack combines proven and new technologies

New challenges require both experience in well-known and widely used technologies and the evaluation and use of new technologies, concepts and tools. Our development team brings this experience to the table, mastering and leveraging proven programming languages, frameworks and communication protocols. At the same time, we observe and evaluate current technology trends in the industries in which you are active. But we also think outside the box, because a broad and up-to-date technology know-how ensures modern IT solutions for you, and the know-how for us to implement new solution ideas.

To make our solutions as open and flexible as possible for connecting and integrating higher-level and lower-level IT systems, we also keep an eye on current developments in the open source community.

The variety of programming languages, database systems, development frameworks, and DevOps technologies we use allows us to apply the appropriate technology for each development requirement.

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Data base systems

Development frameworks

Operational environments, deployment (DevOps)