Processing, archiving, providing geodata


Data and Information Management System
for Earth Observation

DIMS-EO is a multi-mission processing, archiving and distributing platform for earth observation products. It has been developed in close and effective cooperation between the Earth Observation Center (an institute of the German Aerospace Center, DLR) and Werum.

DIMS-EO is designed as a modular, component-based system. One of the open architecture’s distinguishing features is its high configurability, which enables easy adaptation to product structures, good integrability with third-party elements and scalability to meet performance requirements of new applications.

The platform has been commercialized for many years with us being sole distributor. We are a competent partner in implementation projects with customers - from concept studies, configuration and integration through to long-term maintenance.

System Capabilities and Structure

User information and geodata access services

In combination with EOWEB, the DLR GeoPortal, DIMS-EO provides a service for web-based access to the catalog and ordering functions. It provides functions for access to directory information, for search and placing orders of the desired products. Integration with industry-standard geodata access software is done easily by comprehensive user information services.

Consistent long-term archiving

A cornerstone of DIMS-EO is the Product Library, which is the source of processing input and the destination of processing output. It provides a complete and consistent reference of the configured products. Archives used with DIMS-EO range widely from file systems to HSM systems. What they have in common is that they handle product metadata and detailed data separately. So, DIMS-EO offers comprehensive functionality for product management and retrieval.

Order management

Based on the Product Library, the Order Management component handles the business process of ordering throughout the system. This includes all steps from accepting orders (including subscription control), generating production orders through to invoicing.

Online/offline product delivery

This component generates custom-made delivery packages of ordered products. They can be transferred either online or on any customary media.

Wide range of production scenarios

DIMS-EO production control enables

  • Triggered, data-driven processing
  • Systematic production - time-controlled and based on rules
  • Processing and product delivery on demand
  • Near real-time (NRT) processing and delivery

Flexible processing management

Processing systems developed by research groups or third-party vendors can be integrated by means of the DIMS-EO Processing System Management. It provides an interface between the implemented processing algorithms on one side and the processing and archiving facility of DIMS-EO or other environments on the other.

Homogeneous operating

A unified operating tool supplies interactive monitoring and control of the DIMS-EO components. There also is an independent monitoring and alarm component that allows close supervision of the whole DIMS-EO facility.


Configurability and Openess

DIMS-EO offers flexible configuration to meet the requirements of different missions, satellites and instruments. Moreover, the core components provide open interfaces which pave the way to building up customer-specific data management systems.

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Multi-Mission Proven

The system modules have proven their worthiness in a number of space missions, satellites and instruments:

BIRD - Bispectral InfraRed Detection
CHAMP - CHAllenging Mini Satellite Payload
ENVISAT - ENVIronmental SATellite
GOME - Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment on ERS2
GOME2 - Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment
METEOSAT - METEOrological SATellite on METOP
MODIS - Moderate resolution imaging instrument on TERRA and AQUA
Sentinel-1 - SAR mission of the Copernicus Programme
Sentinel-3 - Environmental and climate monitoring mission of the Copernicus Programme
SRTM - Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
Swarm - Multi-satellit geomagnetic mission
TanDEM-X - Twin mission to TerraSAR-X
TerraSAR-X - Earth observation satellite with Synthetic Aperture Radar in X-band
EnMAP - Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program, hyperspectral satellite for earth observation

DIMS-EO components are in use for the ESA’s multi-mission facilities infrastructure, Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-3 payload data ground segments, and further archiving and data access solutions.

Solution Packages

Depending on the individual needs, we can supply either an all-component DIMS-EO or the following solution packages:

  • Product Library: Product Library for archiving your data
  • Production Center: Product Library + Process Management + Production Control for specific processing and archiving of your data
  • Data Center: EOWEB + Product Library + Ordering Control + Online/Offline Product Generation and Delivery for earth observation data portals

Digital Factory

DIMS-EO’s capability to integrate any processors and support any workflows is an excellent basis to perform systematic processing and archiving of any kind of data.

DIMS-EO Features at a Glance

  • Multi-mission capability
  • Production control and product generation
  • Cataloging and long-term archiving
  • Online access to data catalog via internet
  • Order handling and delivery
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