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Proven IT solutions for research & development, industry and administration

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Proven IT solutions for research & development, industry and administration


Test management, geodata management or individual IT solutions:
more quality, efficiency and safety for your processes

Increase the efficiency of your processes and safeguard the quality of your data. Avoid manual mistakes, reduce your development cost and profit from tried-and-tested IT solutions that exactly fit your needs.

Whether in the field of testing, in earth observation or as individual software solution: Werum develops IT solutions with you that make your strategic initiatives a success. From the initial consulting all the way to regular operation and long-term maintenance and support services – you can always count on us. Any time, since 1969.

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Your advantages when working with Werum:

  • You automate manual tasks and obtain complete, consistent data. With that, you increase the efficiency of your processes significantly and save valuable resources.
  • You use modular software solutions that you can adjust to satisfy your needs and the demands of third-party solutions so your systems reliably meet your scaling requirements.
  • You rely on proven methods and state-of-the-art technology at the same time, thereby increase the quality of your products and efficiently observe all standards.

Whether large-scale test field or compact test bed, whether maritime research, Earth observation or individual projects: we design future-proof solutions for you!

At a glance: Werum's offerings

By introducing the Measurement Data System (MDS) we have achieved a cross-departmental standardization of our entire workflow. More efficient work processes as well as improved quality of data and results are a step into the future.

Martin Hilgenfeld Martin Hilgenfeld Senior Manager Test Field, Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbH

DSHIP is for us, on board Le Commandant Charcot, a revolution in data collection and presentation. Checking all the equipment and data on a single screen is really valuable. We have real time access to the full environmental and ship motion picture. The fully configurable displays allows every user to get the presentation he needs. And at the end of the day, we are able to provide scientists the comprehensive panel of data they would never have dreamed of before. In addition the shore-based DSHIP archive will allow anyone to find all the data collected onboard Le Commandant Charcot on a single platform in correspondence with the FAIR principle for scientific data. We were amazed by the rather quick installation of DSHIP on our server. Great deal that went very smoothly.

Geoffroy de Kersauson Science Coordinator on board M/V Le Commandant Charcot

You want sustainable improvements of your processes in terms of efficiency and quality and want to save valuable resources?

Ask for a non-committal demo call to find out how you can manage your test and measurement data more efficiently and securely with Werum and how you can optimize your information management.

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