Success factor digitalization

How to digitalize your test processes and increase the efficiency of your test lab process management

In product validation, there are many process steps, responsibilities and dependencies that are often mapped with different IT systems and partly still manual processes. If you are reading this, you may have experienced yourself that the heterogeneous IT system landscapes that have grown in the development departments over the years can no longer keep up with the constantly increasing demands on the test departments.

Testing to value

That's why it's worth taking a closer look at your possible options for easy-to-integrate software solutions with which you can digitalize all your processes consistently and efficiently. Here you can find out what advantages you have with a reliable and flexible software solution and what tasks this solution can fulfil in your process.

The digitalization of your test processes as a success factor

Digitalizing test processes starts with test order management, which focuses on the first two phases of the test process: defining and planning tests.

Digitalizing your processes is a crucial success factor in making the management of your test orders more efficient. Even the creation of your test requests, which are compiled from the test requirements and sometimes already supplemented with rough planning data, should be done digitally throughout.

Subsequently, your test requests must be transmitted to the testing department via a release process without media breaks. The test department checks the request and needs an integrated enquiry process for any discrepancies that supports the test engineer in this phase. Once all questions regarding the test procedure have been clarified, the testing department can submit a quotation together with the test plan back to the client.

Now you can check the quotation received, clarify any queries and finally accept the final quotation. With a consistently supporting IT system, you can then easily transfer your test request into a test order for the test laboratory.

Your digital and media-interruption-free test order management must also support all release processes that require defined authorizations at the various decision-making levels. In addition, the system must be able to record all quality-relevant process steps and the assignment of the employees responsible for each of these steps. This creates a history that enables complete traceability of the processes, as required by many quality standards such as ISO 17025.

With this proven software solution you will succeed in digitalizing your test lab process management

Digital Test Order Management with HyperTest Boost

The integrated test process and test data management system HyperTest Boost developed by Werum meets all the requirements described here. It digitally maps all test order management tasks in a traceable manner and without media breaks and efficiently supports all process steps and compliance with the required standards.

If you would like to learn more about HyperTest Boost as a possible test process and test data management system for your company, simply click here:

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