Achievements and competencies

Whether platform-based or individual IT projects: We offer the comprehensive implementation of your software solution

Werum implements individual IT solutions, components and services based on its own platforms. Depending on the project environment, we also assume the role of consortium leader within the framework of project management and coordinate the overall project.

However, we always pay attention to the use of industry standards during implementation so that the developed software offers a high level of interoperability at all levels. To increase efficiency, we use quality- and compliance-assured open source software and pay attention to the reuse of individual components. For example, in the cross-sectional area of identity and access management (IAM), not only the experience but also the corresponding components are available to all our development teams. As part of the implementation process, we create the corresponding documentation and manuals and conduct briefings and training sessions.

Platform-based solutions: Benefit from our Know-how

In particular, we implement IT solutions to support validation, test and measurement tasks in research and development as well as geodata management on the basis of our proven platforms and components developed specifically for this market. Thanks to the domain knowledge already incorporated in them, as well as extensive configuration and parameterization options, not only the up-front costs, but also the development times and efforts are massively reduced compared to individual implementations. Further advantages for you are scalability, distributability and expandability while maintaining central maintenance.

Individual solutions: We find the right solution for your IT project

Individual IT solutions and components are characterized by the fact that, as a rule, platform approaches are not effective here due to a high degree of customer-specific requirements.

Here, too, we use the knowledge we have built up in a wide range of projects to find the right solution for you.

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