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Make the collection, management and distribution of your scientific measurement data easy and safe with DSHIP


All over the world, substantial resources are mustered up to collect measurement data – on research vessels, diving robots, aircrafts or research stations. Just collecting the data consumes a lot of time and money and has to be done properly at the first go.

With DSHIP, our information management for scientific geodata, you get a powerful platform that reliably takes care of managing and distributing the data for you. DSHIP also keeps your data available in the long term. Comprehensive services complete our offerings and can be customized to your needs.

Capabilities a measurement data management system for marine research should have

Again and again, our projects have substantiated that an efficient information management for scientific geodata should in particular meet the following requirements:

  • Ensure top data quality
  • Easy and quick integration of most diverse measurement devices
  • Reliable logging of all relevant activities and data
  • Fully configurable data linking, quality checking and data distribution
  • Freely configurable dashboards
  • Secure transport and long-term archiving of your data with globally protected access
  • Comprehensive support prior to, during and long after the end of an expedition

How DSHIP ensures optimum management of your scientific measurement data

With DSHIP you get a measurement data management system that fulfills all the demands mentioned above.

DSHIP is a configurable platform to manage and distribute scientific data. Its design is particularly geared to your special requirements as scientific user, ship owner or data center operator. What's more, it meets your requirements concerning the acquisition and processing of the measured data, their permanent availability and their distribution.

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DSHIP as information management for scientific geodata offers comprehensive functionality

No matter if you are scientist, the shipping company or the shipyard: we know about the requirements you are making on a measurement data management system. DSHIP alredy comes with a set of important functions:

  • Configurable device connection
  • Exact logging of all device activities
  • Automated, syntactically harmonized identifiers for stations and device uses
  • Definition of derived parameters
  • Ample toolbox for display configuration and data extraction
  • Pre-defined and user-definable views
  • Visualization possible on any terminal device
  • Switching between day and night mode
  • Safe storage and traceability of all data in their context
  • Unattended operation and pronounced system robustness
  • Easy distribution of data using NMEA and other ASCII telegrams
  • Transfer of exported data by e-mail
  • Central data center for all data from any sources
  • Web-based access to the land-based archive 24/7

Of course we also implement special requirements for you.

Flexibility at all times due to a modular and highly scalable system

These modules expand the functionality of DSHIP by important properties:

DSHIP Web Display & Map Viewer

The module provides you with additional specific displays, such as ship position, waypoints or transponder positions on a nautical chart.


The DSHIP NRT (near realtime) module is used for the automated display of (georeferenced) data sets, such as current ice concentration or radar data.

DSHIP Action Log

With the DSHIP Action Log module you can document all the activities carried out in the course of an expedition, visualize them on board the vessel and export them.

DSHIP Mass Data Management

You can store any required kind of file, such as images, video sequences etc., together with the sensor data DSHIP has collected.

DSHIP Web Services

DSHIP Web Services provides you with programming interfaces for external applications, which offers the opportunity to develop drivers for any kind of device using proprietary protocols as basis.

DSHIP On Shore

Manage large data volumes of several vessels in parallel. You can access the entire data stock without the need to use the system aboard a vessel.

Our services safeguard smooth operation of your DSHIP way beyond your expedition

Our skilled team stands by your side not only when it is about installing the system and putting it into operation, they lend comprehensive support to your project in all phases: even before you start your research mission we already offer well-founded advice, e.g. on the choice of suitable hardware components or on how to set up your scientific network aboard the vessel.

Together with you, we draw on our know-how to design efficient processes that ensure optimum management of your data. When you've finished our training courses, you'll be able to operate DSHIP at its best. We offer long-term and qualified support throughout the system's entire lifetime:

  • Efficient assistance by using a ticket system
  • Short response times by hosting reference systems
  • Periodical updates of your system
  • On-site system check
  • Operations support

Even after the end of your IT project you can still profit from advancements.

Our customers profit from essential benefits with DSHIP

Easy setup

We carry out the initial installation and configuration of your system environment. After that, you can modify or enhance the configuration or setup any time in order to take account of varying requirements.

Minimized lifecycle cost

DSHIP is designed for unattended, continuous operation. Owing to the generic interface technology it's easy for your administrators to integrate new devices – which saves even more money as you don't need additional software or licenses.

Long-term maintenance

We guarantee long-term support for your system based on the maintenance and support agreements we offer. The agreements include analysis and update services by remote connection as well as regular checkups.

DSHIP has been tried and tested as data management system for scientific geodata

DSHIP is installed on many national and international research vessels and has proven itself successfully, e.g. on ships like Alba Na Mara, Alkor, Ara Austral, Atair, Elisabeth Mann Borgese, Heincke, Isabu, Le Commandant Charcot, Maria S. Merian, Meteor, Poseidon, Scotia or Sonne. Also the Neumayer III research station and the research aircrafts Polar 5 and Polar 6 use DSHIP successfully. And it is also used as technological basis on the buoys of the MARNET monitoring network.

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