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We take over the creation of specifications for you

In order to keep the risk in IT projects low, Werum offers the creation of specifications. In classic IT projects, this includes requirements and functional specifications, interface specifications, and in the agile environment, participation in the development of user stories.

Competent support of your IT project through our many years of experience

In support of or on your behalf, we develop functional and non-functional requirements for an IT system, which are documented in a structured manner in a requirements specification. As a binding specification for the implementation of an IT solution, we usually create a requirements specification to be accepted by you. This describes how the requirements are to be implemented, i.e. which business/data model is to be implemented, what the graphical user interface (GUI) will look like, which components are to be created, which processes and use cases are to be implemented, what the authorization concept will look like, etc.

Usually, the requirements for the IT infrastructure to be provided and, if applicable, its operation are also developed and documented as part of a requirements specification. The acceptance of the IT solution is later also carried out on the basis of the requirements specification - a separate acceptance specification is only created in exceptional cases.

In extensive, complex projects with larger teams, Werum creates an implementation specification for the developers, if necessary, in which the code creation is specified in detail in addition to the requirements specification. If an agile approach has been agreed upon in the project, user stories are created by the joint project team based on the requirements you have previously defined. They then cover the functional requirements for the component under consideration.

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