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Perform the systematic processing of Earth observation data efficiently with Werum's EO Processing Service

Every single day, the data received on Earth as raw data streams from satellites need to be processed by means of scientific algorithms and including auxiliary data to generate data products. It involves huge data volumes that are processed, stored and supplied to other systems. Therefore, efficient control of the workflows is of vital importance for systematic data processing.

Werum's EO Processing Service facilitates efficient execution of the systematic processing chains on Earth observation data.

This is how you accelerate the development of systematic production chains

Werum's EO Processing Service is designed to reduce your efforts considerably while offering a high degree of flexibility in adjusting it to your needs. You can reduce your own development efforts because the EO Processing Service furnishes you with the key functionality you need to provide reliable data services. Even if your requirements on the execution logic are very specific, you can implement your own configurations and extensions whenever you need them.

We provide you with configurable interfaces to integrate process steps and to control the workflow. In the comprehensive graphical user interface (GUI) you can, at one glance, monitor sequences and resources in use. Of course, our EO Processing Service also offers a solution for your load and resource management, just like a searchable archive for production results.


You can choose the destination your data products are delivered to – either directly into the target environment, to downstream systems, or to a customer. In addition to this, download via protected web interfaces is possible. Your developers can integrate the target platform into the development process at a very early stage so they can use the functionality and the data stocks of our EO Processing Service already in the development period.

Our easy-to-operate GUI and the use of Docker® suit to significantly reduce the expenses involved in deploying an algorithm implementation. The service framework encapsulates the differences in the supported DIAS (Data Information and Access Service) environments so migration between DIAS instances does not take much. As a result, you can easily combine single steps in coherent processing chains just by configuration.


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These are the benefits Werum's EO Processing Service offers

  • Reduced development expenses due to integrated key functions
  • Easy implementation of your algorithms
  • Flexible adjustment of the execution logic for systematic data processing
  • Integrated, configurable interfaces
  • Operationalization of EO algorithms
  • Ready-made solutions for data product deliveries
  • Early support of your development
  • Your own simple configurations,
    or else,
  • Comprehensive support by our experts

Easy configuration with Werum's EO Processing Service

No matter whether you want to do the configuraton yourself or prefer support by our experts – the EO Processing Service makes it easy for you either way: You get clear, browser-based interfaces and well-documented configuration interfaces to carry out all basic steps yourself, including software upload (Docker® images).

Of course, our experts will be pleased all the same to configure the sequence control and the resource management for you and to achieve optimal operationalization for your algorithm. You would like additional support, e.g. in generating Docker® images or in adjusting interfaces? We will be happy to do it for you.

We offer reliable service for your EO data

Let us talk about your individual requirements. Or would you first like to know how we fitted out the payload data ground segment systems of European Sentinel satellites, the scientific Earth Explorer satellites or satellites of national programs like TerraSARX or EnMAP? Please feel free to contact us!

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