Achievements and competencies

Tooling: We rely on proven tools for your optimal software solution

Werum has adequate tooling for all project phases, which has been proven in numerous IT projects. We pay particular attention to using tools that are also suitable for the long-term maintenance and further development of software systems.

In planning and specification phases, we prefer to use tools such as MS-Project for project management, Enterprise Architect for UML modeling, Camunda for BPMN modeling and its validation, Balsamiq for creating GUI mockups, and Jira for managing requirements.

For the implementation of our IT solutions, we use common repositories as well as our own build management system based on Jenkins, NexusDAD and Nexus Repos. A compliance system for the administration, security monitoring and release of deployed open source software (OSS) is integrated into the build management system. We also perform automated quality tests at component and system level.

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