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Validate, measure, test: digitalize your entire test process

From the request down to the result report, from the corporate IT through to the test bed: automate your large-scale and component test beds and integrate them into your test process without media breaks. Being geared to each other, our solutions support you in digitalizing your test process management efficiently and successfully!

We have improved our well-established software solutions by integrating disruptive technologies such as Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This provides you with new powerful functions that can be used to further improve product quality in validation.

We look forward to demonstrate our IT solutions, which we use to implement your requirements on quality, efficiency and safety for your processes.

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Generate added value by leveraging the full potential of your data

Learn how a suitable data analytics toolchain helps linking different types of data from simulations and tests in automotive development.

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Shaping the future with AI: our expert approach to advanced test and measurement data management

In recent years, large language models (LLMs) have undergone impressive development and the most well-known LLM at the moment, ChatGPT, has shown enormous potential in a variety of areas. As an established provider of software and systems, we exploit the possibilities of current AI models and offer comprehensive services in the field of test and measurement data management. Our services range from planning and configuration to fine-tuning, integration and the operation of AI applications.

In addition to LLMs, we use deep learning algorithms to detect patterns and anomalies in data sets. Our approach is based on many years of extensive expertise in dealing with specific measurement data and our in-depth knowledge of Data Analytics and Big Data.

Our services and solutions in the field of artificial intelligence and data analytics include:

  • Consulting
  • Conception and development of infrastructures
  • Support in the training of AI models
  • Integration into applications
  • Development of automated tool chains

Do you want to get the most out of your data? Then Werum can support you in reaching your goal quickly with AI. Just get in touch with us!

Increase performance and efficiency in testing – with the test bed automation WTCS

WTCS is a powerful platform that has been used for many years in countless aero-acoustic and thermal wind tunnels, test chambers and functional test benches. It offers you sophisticated test bed automation for your large-scale and component test beds, enabling you to carry out your tests efficiently and with process reliability. The test bed automation WTCS contributes significantly to improving the performance and quality of your product validation, reducing costs and supporting the development of new technologies.

    • Cost reduction: WTCS' highly efficient test management increases the availability of the test beds and the collaboration tools for users and operators improve the effective use of your facility
    • Smooth process flow: WTCS fits seamlessly into your company's testing process
    • Quality assurance: Integrated test data management enables full traceability and ensures that test data is delivered to higher-level test data management systems in a quality-assured manner

Integrate your test beds efficiently and cost-effectively into your test process – with HyperTest TBA

The HyperTest® Test Bed Adapter (TBA) closes the digitalization gap between your test management system and test bed automation together with local data management at the test bed. The adapter enables end-to-end, uninterrupted and process-secure test management. With HyperTest TBA, you significantly reduce the risk of errors in your test process, save valuable resources and efficiently support your quality.

    • Efficiency: Save time and resources through automatic, efficient and structured data exchange
    • Quality: Increase your quality through digital data exchange between test management and test bed
    • Cost reduction: Save costs by integrating all test beds into your test process with a uniform tool without media disruption

Increase quality and efficiency in validation and verification – with HyperTest Boost

HyperTest® Boost is a modular, configurable system for managing your test process. With HyperTest Boost you can optimally map all tasks and processes and at the same time have a powerful solution for your data management. This saves you valuable resources and costs and allows you to deal with changes in an agile manner.

Werum's test data management platform HyperTest Boost now supports seamless integration with JupyterLab, which allows data analysts to carry out in-depth data analyses on the measurement data. The results are returned to HyperTest Boost to manage them in the context of the test.

    • Test planning: Capture, plan and document your test plans digitally
    • Test documentation: Keep track of all activities and processes at all times
    • Data management: Store and analyze your measurement data and documents together with the test plans
    • Integration: Link test data with other data sources such as PLM, ERP, RQM and test beds or calibration databases

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