Data Analytics

Data Analytics: get the most out of your data

In your company, measurement data and many other data are continuously generated for a wide variety of technical topics? Then you know the many challenges you have to cope with in order to extract the valuable information from your data and gain new insights.

  • The data sources and with them the data quantities are constantly growing in numbers and becoming more unmanageable
  • The evaluation of your data is done mainly statically
  • Different methods are used to access your data, which prevents overlapping evaluations
  • The current process for obtaining information is getting slower and slower
  • The proprietary knowledge of this information process and the underlying infrastructure have grown over time and may even be down to individual employees
  • For an independent digitalization strategy, your company lacks the necessary expertise in current technologies, concepts and processes

Example: Data analytics in an industrial production process

So, you have realized that you could make more of your data but you are not sure how to do it? It takes you too long to be able to optimize your products or processes with the help of the new insights? Then we are just the right partner for you!

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We create a customized solution with you so you can evaluate your data optimally

At Werum, we understand your challenges and support you from the very beginning in planning and implementing the optimal solution for your data analytics. Our data analytics specialists advise you on the required infrastructure design and then build it together with you.

We ensure that the solution tailored to your company can be flexibly adapted to your current and future requirements at any time.

Data Analytics Solutions from Werum Software & Systems AG

With a proof of concept (POC) we can sort out upfront which is the right path for you. The scalable solution allows you to start out on a small scale and easily adapt to increasing data volumes and user numbers as needed. It is important that data access control is based on a well thought-out authorization concept. It ensures that your sensitive data is optimally protected at all times.

Not matter if you want to run your system in a cloud, on-premise or hybrid: we adapt the infrastructure to your requirements. With a horizontally scaling technology stack, you are optimally prepared for growing tasks. It means that it will be easy to add more resources to the infrastructure.

Is it important to you that you can later expand and maintain the data analytics system without assistance, so that you remain independent? If so, your IT department will be part of the team setting up the new system and building up the corresponding know-how. Or you do not have any personnel available in your IT department for the implementation of a data analytics system? Then Werum is your reliable partner who will set up the system for you and provide long-term support.

We give you individual advice and support whenever you need it.

Your benefits from a data analytics solution by Werum


With our solution, you do not have to commit to one provider, but receive an open and flexible system.


Your follow-up costs remain low due to the open architecture of your data analytics system.


Your solution grows with your business and adapts to changing conditions any time.

Perform data analytics flexibly and efficiently – individually tailored to your needs

Your specialist department should not have to deal with technical, subordinate tasks but should be able to focus on their core competence to work efficiently. As a large software and systems provider, we offer not only consulting services but also the implementation of data analytics projects. In addition to setting up the customer-specific infrastructure, this also includes the mapping of business use cases. As a service we offer the creation of prototype implementations for your own specialist department for them to advance it. If you do not have your own experts, we can of course also offer the complete implementation of use cases and their subsequent support.

The implementation of use cases includes among others:

  • Consulting and specification
  • Setup and implementation of the system
  • Integration of the data sources
  • Automation of data import
  • Backup concept for the data
  • Technical preparation of the database using modern data warehouse concepts and provision of data marts
  • Homogenization of the database
  • Access control to the data
  • Creation of dashboards and generation of standard reports (for example, to display KPIs)
  • Provision of standard interfaces (SQL and REST) to connect the data analytics system to external tools, such as Tableau or Power BI

We help you to adapt your data analytics system to the constantly growing and changing requirements. Get in touch with us.

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