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Publication references Werum's test bed automation WTCS

In their paper entitled "CAATS - Automotive Wind Tunnel Test Techniques", several authors, including Felix Wittmeier from FKFS, have made an important contribution to the understanding and implementation of standardized and optimized procedures in the field of wind tunnel testing in the automotive industry.

In the paper, which has been published in the context of WCX 2024, the authors refer to our test bed automation system WTCS (, the control system for large-scale and component test beds. With WTCS, we implement many quality and efficiency requirements in the test process and are among the first to be able to offer our customers the procedures published in the paper.


More information about the paper:
Wittmeier, F., Bianco, A., Bratby, J., Howard, K. et al., "CAATS - Automotive Wind Tunnel Test Techniques," SAE Technical Paper 2024-01-2543, 2024.

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