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Lower Saxony sponsors Werum in generating new jobs in Lüneburg!

Lower Saxony sponsors Werum

As the opportunities for growth are limited at their existing rented premises, Werum Software & Systems decided in 2020 to build new company offices in one of Lüneburg's new development areas. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in August 2021.

Last week Werum could rejoice at receiving the confirmation that the Federate State of Lower Saxony grants subsidies. The Federate State encourages Werum's future-oriented growth and sustainable development of the company. Decisive factor for the subsidy is that Werum generates new jobs and apprenticeship places in the region. Lower Saxony's Minister of Economy Dr Bernd Althusmann presented the subsidy note at a personal visit last week.

In a bit more than a year from now on, Werum will be able to offer their employees a modern and innovative working environment at the new location and play a part in contributing to IT experts finding attractive working conditions in the region.

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