EarthCARE satellite successfully launched

Werum provides ground segment with software platform for satellite data processing

ESA's EarthCARE satellite has launched. This major ESA project, in collaboration with the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA), aims to study the impact of clouds and aerosols on our climate. Launched on May 28, 2024, the mission is the largest and most complex Earth exploration mission to date.

Since 2016, Werum has been developing the central subsystem in the ground segment for processing satellite data as part of the "EarthCARE Core Processing Facility (CPF)" project. This system ensures the efficient execution of systematic processing chains for Earth observation data and derived data products during the mission. As part of a consortium, Werum has been supporting the operations team with data processing in the ground segment since the launch of the EarthCARE satellite.

In parallel to the EarthCARE CPF, Werum also developed the EarthCARE Processor Testbed, which allows scientists to interactively test new algorithms and data processors with real data in a cloud environment to improve data products.

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