Werum once again confirmed as supplier for ESA's Copernicus Long Term Archiving Service

The German software company continues to operate one of ESA's Copernicus Long Term Archiving Services in Europe.

Werum Software & Systems has been archiving all Level 0 and auxiliary data from the Sentinel-1, -2 and -3 satellites in the cloud on behalf of ESA since 2020. The cloud infrastructure is provided by OVHcloud.

This year, Werum has once again awarded the contract to extend its services for the next few years until 2027. This means that the company will continue to operate one of ESA's Copernicus long-term archive services in Europe.

By early 2024, the long-term archive operated by Werum collected more than 300 million Level 0 and ancillary products from the Sentinel-1, -2 and -3 Earth observation satellites, comprising more than 10 pebibytes of data. Currently, 100,000 to 150,000 data products are added daily, totaling about 3.5 tebibytes. Werum expects the data pool to grow to 15 pebibytes over its lifetime.

Despite the enormous amount of data, Werum ensures the required high level of data availability and integrity. For example, searches with different product metadata across the entire catalog should take only a few seconds on average.

After almost four years of operating the archive in the OVHcloud data centers, Werum has been awarded another ESA contract. This confirms the company's ability to provide highly reliable and modern solutions that are perfectly tailored to the specific challenges. The high quality of service and efficient service management by the Werum team are key factors for the trusting relationship between Werum and its customers.

Further information: https://www.werum.de/en/payload-data-ground-segment

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