DIMS-EO: Data Information and Management System for Earth Observation

The Data Information and Management System for Earth Observation DIMS-EO is a distributed software system for administering digital data products - in particular for the area earth observation via satellites. DIMS-EO provides comprehensive functions for long-term archiving, the generation of products based on primary data received from satellites as well as the administration, delivery and invoicing for these products including online user services.

DIMS-EO has been developed in a close and successful cooperation between the German Remote Sensing Data Center DFD and Werum.

Core Components

These are the core components of DIMS-EO

EOWEB User Information Services: Browser interface for scientific and commercial users
Order Management Reception of orders and creation and invoicing of production orders
Product & Order Interface Interface to the primary data of missions and instruments
Production Control Control of production orders with interface to the processing systems
Product Library Long-term archives for products with inventory
Online/Offline Delivery Delivery of ordered products

Product Library

A central component of DIMS-EO is the "Product Library", which is used as source and destination for product generation and ensures product completeness and consistency. On this basis the component "Order Management" controls the data flow for order handling up to delivery via the component "Online/Offline Delivery": online via Internet or offline on storage media (CD, DVD, tape).

Interface components handle the communication with users, processing systems, external systems and operators.

Projekt examples

At the German Remote Sensing Data Center DIMS-EO is in successful operation for data products relating to earth observation.

BIRD Bispectral InfraRed Detection  
CHAMP CHallenging Mini satellite-Payload  
ENVISAT ENVIronmental SATellite  
GOME Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment auf ERS2  
GOME2 Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment auf METOP Paper DIMS-EO for GOME
METEOSAT METEOrological SATellite  
MERIS MEdium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer Instrument auf ENVISAT  
MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Instrument on TERRA and AQUA  
SRTM Shuttle Radar Topography Mission  
TerraSAR-X Earth Observation Satellite with Synthetic Aperture Radar in X-Band  

DIMS-EO is designed as a modular, component-based system. A distinguished feature of the open architecture is its high configurability thus enabling an easy adaptation to product structures and performance requirements of new applications.

Due to this flexibility DIMS-EO can also be applied by other institutes dealing with the management of earth observation data. DIMS-EO is exclusively marketed by Werum.