Missions and Instruments

The Data Information and Management System for Earth Observation DIMS-EO provides comprehensive functions for long-term archiving, the generation of products based on primary data received from satellites as well as the administration, delivery and invoicing for these products including online user services.

Applied in a number of missions, satellites and instruments at the German Remote Sensing Data Center DIMS-EO has given wide proof that it is a powerful, flexible and multi-mission system.

BIRD Bispectral InfraRed Detection  
CHAMP CHAllenging Mini satellite-Payload  
ENVISAT ENVIronmental SATellite  
GOME Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment on ERS2  
GOME2 Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment on METOP Paper DIMS-EO for GOME
METEOSAT METEOrologial SATellite  
MERIS MEdium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer Instrument on ENVISAT  
MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Instrument on TERRA and AQUA  
SRTM Shuttle Radar Topography Mission  
TerraSAR-X Earth Observation Satellite with Synthetic Aperture Radar in X-Band  

DIMS-EO is designed as a modular, component-based system. A distinguished feature of the open architecture is its high configurability thus enabling an easy adaptation to product structures and performance requirements of new applications.

For detailed information on the product and its fields of application have a look at the Product Description. Product Description.