Earth Observation Competence

Solutions and Products for Earth Observation

Worldwide there is an increasing number of satellites for the observation of land and water surfaces, and the atmosphere, with the objective to supply information for meteorology, cartography, environment monitoring, urban planning and safety purposes.

In particular the environmental damages caused by man has globally shown growing extents over the last decades: forest damage, surface degradation, water pollution, climate changes and greenhouse effect. Data acquisition in the context of satellite-based earth observations make a substantial contribution to solving such problems.

Moreover, earth observation satellites can provide up-to-the-minute information to task force centers for the purposes of natural disaster containment and humanitarian relief actions.

This development has lead to a growing demand for system designed to process and manage earth observation data.

For this field of application Werum has developed successful solutions and products for years.

Data Information and Management System for Earth Observation - DIMS-EO

In Cooperation with the German Remote Sensing Data Center DFD of the German Aerospace Center DLR Werum has developed the Data Information and Management System for Earth Observation DIMS-EO, a multi-mission capable information management system for remote sensing data. DIMS-EO is exclusively marketed by Werum.

For detailed information on the product and its fields of application have a look at the Product Description. Product Description.

Project Examples Earth Observation

DIMS-EO-Projects Information management based on DIMS-EO for different missions and instruments Details
HARM Historical Archive Rationalization and Management (ESA project, by order of ACS Rom) Details
ENVISAT Online processors for the instruments MIPAS and SCIAMACHY (ESA project, by order of Jena Optronik) Details