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QUEST - MARUM's Diving Robot

Data Management with the special DAVIS-ROV
Product Configuration

Werum has been commissioned by MARUM, the Center for Marine Environmental Sciences of Bremen University, to equip its QUEST diving robot with a data management system. A special product configuration for Remotely Operated Vehicles, DAVIS-ROV, is used to visualize, store, and manage scientific data recorded on the various dives undertaken by the QUEST robot. DAVIS-ROV provides a reduced number of client workplaces - a configuration which suits the diving robot's typical operating environment.

The diving robot QUEST, which is stationed in Bremen, North Germany, was originally developed as a commercial system for routine deep sea missions carried out by offshore companies, and has operated successfully in this capacity for several years.

The commercial version of QUEST has now been adapted to meet the requirements for scientific work. In June 2003, the first scientific version was successfully put into operation on the research vessel METEOR. More expeditions followed in 2004, among them missions organized by the German Research Council (DFG) in the context of the "SPP1144 Spreading Axes on Mid-Ocean Ridges" program. The main aim of DFG's Research Center Ocean Margins (RCOM) at the University of Bremen is to undertake geoscientific research of the ocean's margins, which form the transitions between the oceanic and continental crusts. RCOM also makes its high-tech ROV product available to other German marine research institutes. Worldwide, only a handful of research institutes have equipment of a comparable standard at their disposal. The QUEST vehicle can be applied in deep sea research, where it logs data and takes samples at dive depths of up to 4,000 meters.

DAVIS-ROV enables flexible Use of Sensors

DAVIS-ROV combines well-tested design with a high degree of adaptability to changing requirements, and this means it is well suited to the robot's wide-ranging field of operations.

Usually, scientists employ a multitude of different sensors in the course of a research expedition, and with such frequent sensor changes, the system configuration also has to be adjusted regularly. With DAVIS-ROV, these changes can be effected without difficulty, and the data are also presented in a standard format. This time-saving in configuring the system is a definite plus for the scientists.

Memory for ROV Measurement Data: DAVIS-ROV

It is essential that current and archived measurement data are available at all times, along with appropriate configuration information. For this reason, DAVIS-ROV ensures that the relevant data is permanently to hand. This includes information about the equipment used in the specific measurement setup, as well as a description of the recorded data (e.g. data format).

Additional Information

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