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Digitalization in Testing
Test departments are facing major challenges due to the increasing complexity of products and higher quality requirements with the time to market decreasing in length at the same time.


It is not possible to meet these challenges by simply assigning more personnel or testing equipment. It rather is imperative to address the processes and supporting tools. A digitalization of the entire test process without media breaks is the means of choice to achieve better efficiency!


HyperTest Boost
HyperTest Boost is a universal test management solution that fully digitalizes the entire test process from the requirement through to the test report and looks after precise traceability and reproducibility of tests.


Being a low-code platform, it still is able to master automation and global scaling with ease.


HyperTest TBA
The HyperTest Test Bed Adapter (TBA) is the universal tool to integrate test beds smoothly into the test process.


Due to its modular structure, it can be adjusted to almost every testing environment. The TBA uses standardized and proprietary communication methods and file formats to process-reliably connect test management, data management and test bed automation systems without media breaks. It allows for automatic data transfer and conversion as well as the interactive management of tests.


WTCS is a wide-ranging platform that inherently covers many aspects of modern test bed automation.


It enables the cooperation between test bed operator and test bed customer while integrating all subsystems.


HyperTest and ISO 17025
While the standard ISO 17025 could be found almost exclusively in calibration laboratories in the past, there are nowadays more and more test departments striving after this standard.


HyperTest can support the required processes and establishes process and data safety.


IT Solutions for Tests

HyperTest Boost - A Consistent Solution for Testing
HyperTest Boost is a universal solution that supports all phases of the entire test process from requests through to the final report. With this solution all departments and persons involved in the testing – like the development engineer, the test laboratory manager, the test engineer etc. – have one central tool they can resort to, which leads to a reduction of operating costs. The holistic, consistent data management significantly improves the test quality. The open architecture of HyperTest Boost allows for a seamless integration into the existing corporate IT. This web seminar provides an overview of HyperTest Boost's scope of functions, which is complemented by many additional details in other web seminars.



IT Solutions for Tests

MTZextra professional article: Testing in Regulated Environments

The article is available in German only.

Project Report Bosch - Better test quality and documentation

Werum's platform HyperTest ensures comprehensive standardization of the complete workflow at Robert Bosch Automotive Steering. The results achieved are a higher efficiency of Bosch AS' work processes as well as improved quality of data and results.

Request Brochure

HyperTest Boost – The standardized IT solution for tests

With its easy-to-configure modules, HyperTest Boost maps the workflow across all phases of the test process. It can simply be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and links corporate planning systems with the systems and tools specific to testing departments. HyperTest Boost takes care of seamless communication and transparency of data flows and process contexts while meeting any requirements on traceability and documentation duties.

HyperTest TBA

The HyperTest Test Bed Adapter (TBA) is a universal tool to integrate test beds seamlessly into the test process. Due to its modular concept, it can adjust to almost any testing environment. The TBA uses standardized and proprietary communication methods and file formats to connect test management, data management and test bed automation systems while preventing media breaks and safeguarding process reliability. It allows for automated data transfer and conversion as well as the interactive management of tests.

HyperTest - Test Planning and Data Management Platform

HyperTest is a software platform for integrated, web-based solutions covering test planning and data management up to full test process management.

Our solutions support the customer from the initial order to test through all phases of planning, execution, results analysis as well as providing the requested reports for customers and management. They also support the customers‘ specific workflows through all phases.

Test Process Management At a Glance - Test Processes efficient and reliable

This brochure provides an overview of Werum's solutions and platforms, which treat the test process as a holistic process in the corporate context and, hence, go far beyond the mere processing and administration of data and information.


Automotive Competence At a Glance - Concepts and solutions for the automotive industry

This brochure presents an overview of the possibilities solutions based on Werum's platforms WTCS and HyperTest provide. They are designed to support the test process from start to finish and create the infrastructure to quickly and efficiently place all information available for further evaluations and analyses, thereby creating valuable new knowledge for the enterprise.


WTCS - Efficient Management of Complex Test Centers

This brochure describes today's challenges complex test centers are facing and how WTCS accomplishes to reduce lifecycle costs, implement seamless process workflows, increase efficiency and improve quality assurance.


WTCS - Distributed Supervisory Control Integration Platform

With its modular core functions for test and configuration data management, test sequence control including analysis, error management, centralized data storage, online data distribution as well as online calculation and visualization WTCS makes it possible to build up control systems that can be adjusted to customer-specific task settings just by modifying the system configuration.


DSHIP - Data and Information Management for Research Vessels

DSHIP is our data management and distribution platform for research vessels that has proven successful for meanwhile more than 20 years. Driven by the specific demands scientific users, ship owners and data centers place on the collection and processing of measured data, it is continually advanced and safeguards sustained availability of the data on board and at associated shore-based archives.



Geodata Management

DIMS-EO - Data Information and Management System for Earth Observation

DIMS-EO is a multi-mission data and information management system for processing, archiving and distributing earth observation products. Its components have proven successful in the payload data ground segments of various space / satellite missions and instruments.

The platform DIMS-EO is the result of a close and fruitful cooperation between Werum and the German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and is subject to continuous advancement.




Individual Customer Solutions

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