Automotive Testing Expo 2019

Location: Hall 10, Stand 1322, Messe Stuttgart, Germany

The world’s largest full vehicle and component testing and validation technologies and services show.

Schifffahrt in der Polarregion - Sicherer Fahrweg

Location: Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH), Hamburg, Germany

As provider of software solutions for research vessels, we are offering the MapViewer component as an add-on to our DSHIP data management system. It visualizes data like satellite or ice forecast data, for example, and helps optimizing expeditions.

Based on practical examples, our presentation "Integrative Representation of Remote Sensing Ice Information and In-situ Data" shows possibilities for making up a situation image from various data sources.

NI Automotive Forum Germany

Location: Augsburg, Germany, Kongress am Park

A new era of mobility is upon us. Critical technology trends in autonomous driving, electrification, and vehicle communication are bringing with them new test challenges and pressures beyond the here and now.

12th FKFS-Conference

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Progress in Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management
The FKFS-Conference is an ideal location to get latest information about new car developments, new or improved testing techniques and new or improved calculation procedures. It is an ideal forum to meet leading experts from industry, universities and other institutions, to exchange ideas and discuss new ones. Furthermore, demonstrations will show the state of the art in measurement technology applied live in FKFS Wind Tunnels and Laboratories.