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Founded 50 years ago by the software pioneer Wulf Werum, Werum today is one of the longest established, independent software companies in Germany. As an enterprise owned by employees and former employees our thinking goes far beyond quarterly reports towards a sustainable, long-term development of our company for the benefit of our customers and our staff.

With more than 120 employees, Werum Software & Systems AG is one of the region's largest employers of IT professionals. We implement sophisticated software and systems for customers all over the world, among them numerous well-known companies from the automotive and aerospace industry as well as scientific institutions and public authorities.

Our activities focus on the support of customer-specific processes in the core areas of test data and information management, earth observation, eGovernment and Enterprise Information Management. Our software solutions are based on platforms specially designed for these areas.

Diversity, reliability, flexibility and fairness are essential elements in our philosophy and create the basis for cooperative and sustainable customer relations. What we offer our international customers are well-founded application knowledge and the expertise gained in many years of implementing most diverse projects and IT solutions. Already in the run-up to project realization, we provide them with expert advice on all IT-related aspects of the specific task setting. Long-term maintenance and servicing of the solutions supplied are a matter of course for us.


Committed and motivated employees who identify with their job and our company are Werum's greatest asset. That is the reason why Werum years ago introduced the opportunity for employees to acquire shares in the business. Today, the majority of the company shares is owned by present and former employees.


Ever since the company was founded, we've been placing great emphasis on continuous and organic growth. For our customers, partners and employees, it is the basis for sound and reliable cooperation


Continuity of contact persons at our end creates an atmosphere of reliability. With many of our regular customers, we've been having close business relationships for more than ten years.

We see ourselves as a partner to our customers. Many of our clients involve us in their IT strategy as our services go way beyond simply realizing a project. In fact, we also offer support of their IT processes as well as long-term maintenance, servicing and technical evolution.